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Planck Project

Planck is the European Space Agency's mission to map the structure of the Cosmic Microwave Background, in unprecedented detail. Planck will constrain cosmological models and examine the birth of large-scale structure in the universe.

The LFI Data Processing Centre is one of two DPCs operated by the teams responsible for building the instruments which form the scientific payload of Planck. The two DPCs, together with the ESA Mission Operations Centre (MOC) and the FIRST Science Centre (FSC), are the major elements of the FIRST/Planck ground segment.

The HFI and LFI Consortia have agreed on the need to coordinate and integrate their data reduction and scientific analysis approaches. In particular, aspects related to information management, which pertain to a variety of activities concerning the whole mission, ranging from instrument information (technical characteristics, reports, configuration control documents, drawings, public communications, etc.), to the analysis of the impact on science implied by specific technical choices need to be dealed with harmonically with the HFI Consortium, with the specific aim of maximising commonalities. An Integrated Data and Information System (IDIS) will be developed jointly with the HFI team to allow proper intra-Consortium and inter-Consortia information exchange.

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